2/19/2024: New paper Modeling urban redevelopment: A novel approach using time-series remote sensing data and machine learning is published in Geography and Sustainability


12/4/2023: New paper The Global Land Surface Temperature Change in the 21st Century – A Satellite Remote Sensing Based Assessment is published in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

11/7/2023: New paper Leveraging OGC API for cloud-based flood modeling campaigns is published in Environmental Modelling & Software

9/12/2023: New paper Cyberinformatics tool for in-season crop-specific land cover monitoring: Design, implementation, and applications of iCrop is published in Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

9/1/2023: New paper Enhancing USDA NASS Cropland Data Layer with Segment Anything Model is published in Proceedings of the 2023 11th International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics


12/9/2022: A lecture Exploring agro-geoinformation for the United States using the FAIR cyberinformatics tools is given in IEEE GRSS Washington, DC & Northern VA Chapter Virtual Seminar

8/19/2022: New paper Evaluating contributions of urbanization and global climate change to urban land surface temperature change: A case study in Lagos, Nigeria is published in Scientific Reports

8/4/2022: New paper Near-real-time MODIS-derived vegetation index data products and online services for CONUS based on NASA LANCE is published in Scientific Data

7/31/2022: New paper Towards automation of in-season crop type mapping using spatiotemporal crop information and remote sensing data is published in Agricultural Systems

7/29/2022: Crop-CASMA is highlighted in Tracking Deluge and Drought through Soil Moisture by NASA Earth Observatory

7/12/2022: New paper Crop-CASMA: A web geoprocessing and map service based architecture and implementation for serving soil moisture and crop vegetation condition data over US Cropland is published in International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

4/4/2022: One paper is accepted for presentation at IGARSS 2022

3/2/2022: New paper Validation and refinement of cropland data layer using a spatial-temporal decision tree algorithm is published in Scientific Data

2/7/2022: New paper Influence of urban expansion on Lyme disease risk: A case study in the US I-95 Northeastern corridor is published in Cities


10/12/2021: Two new papers Applying Machine Learning to Cropland Data Layer for Agro-Geoinformation Discovery and Crop-CASMA-A Web GIS Tool for Cropland Soil Moisture Monitoring and Assessment Based on SMAP Data are published in proceedings of IGARSS 2021

10/9/2021: The first review about mapping urban poverty and gentrification using remote sensing technology Remote Sensing of Urban Poverty and Gentrification is published in Remote Sensing

10/5/2021: Two abstracts are accepted for presentation at AGU 2021 Fall Meeting

9/8/2021: New paper An Overview of Agriculture Cyberinformatics Tools to Support USDA NASS Decision Making is published in Proceedings of the 2021 9th International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics

7/15/2021: Applying Machine Learning to Cropland Data Layer for Agro-geoinformation Discovery is presented at IGARSS 2021

6/11/2021: New paper Rapid in-season mapping of corn and soybeans using machine-learned trusted pixels from Cropland Data Layer is published in International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

5/18/2021: One paper is accepted by International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

4/13/2021: Two new book chapters Image Processing Methods in Agricultural Observation Systems and Land Parcel Identification are published in Agro-geoinformatics: Theory and Practice

3/16/2021: Two papers are accepted for presentation at IGARSS 2021

3/10/2021: Crop-CASMA project is covered by Fox Business

3/8/2021: Crop-CASMA web portal is officially announced by USDA NASS and NASA JPL

2/24/2021: USDA FACTS project kicks off

2/1/2021: The 2020 Cropland Data Layer is released on CropScape

1/22/2021: NASA IDS project website is online


12/18/2020: Exploring Soil Moisture Condition for the Conterminous United States with OGC Web Service is presented at 2020 International Graduate Workshop on GeoInformatics and awarded the Excellent Participation Award

12/9/2020: Web Geoprocessing Services for Disseminating and Analyzing SMAP Derived Soil Moisture Data Products is presented at 2020 AGU Fall Meeting

7/20/2020: Exploring US Cropland Using AgKit4EE Toolkit is presented at 2020 ESIP Summer Meeting