CropSmart - a digital twin for making wiser cropping decisions nationwide

Research Scientist 2023 - present


Machine Learning: Transfer Learning for Geospatial Applications

Research Scientist 2023 - 2024


  • Developed proposal for Machine Learning Components of Machine Learning: Transfer Learning Task
  • Point of contact at GMU team
  • Produced demonstration video

Building a Digital Twin for National-scale Field-level Crop Monitoring, Prediction, and Decision Support

Research Scientist 2022 - 2023


  • Designed the product logo, storytelling, and pitch presentation
  • Developed the web service of CropSmart data portal prototype

Spatiotemporal Transfer Learning for Enabling Cross-country and Cross-hemisphere In-season Crop Mapping

Research Scientist 2022 - present


  • Developed the transfer learning algorithm and strategy
  • Explored the computer vision technologies for enhancement of in-season mapping results

Machine-learning-based In-season Crop Mapping and Associated Cloud-based Bigdata Cyberinfrastructure to Support USDA NASS Decision Making

Research Scientist/Lead Software Engineer 2021 - present


Improved Understanding and Prediction of Extreme Precipitation in Multiple Urban Systems

Research Scientist/Lead Software Engineer 2021 - 2023


Crop-CASMA: A Web-based Geospatial Application for Crop Condition and Soil Moisture Analytics

Research Scientist/Lead Software Engineer 2019 - present


  • Created soil moisture and vegetation index data products of the conterminous U.S. using NASA’s SMAP L4 data and LANCE-MODIS NRT data
  • Automated the harvest, process, and publish of daily/weekly data products
  • Developed Web Map Service and Web Processing Service

Rapid Impact Assessment of Extreme Weather on Agricultural Productivity

Research Scientist 2019


  • Investigated the impact of extreme weathers on agricultural productivity
  • Registered web services and geospatail data through GeoPlatform
  • Produced demonstration video (part 1, part 2)

USDA NASS Online Geospatial Applications CropScape and VegScape Systems Maintaining, Hosting and Enhancement of NASS Operation

Research Scientist/Senior Software Engineer 2018 - present


WaterSmart: A Cyberinfrastructure-Based Integrated Agro-Geoinformatic Decision-Support Web Service System to Facilitate Informed Irrigation Decision-Making

Research Scientist 2018 - 2023


GEOSS Components and Services Registry

Senior Software Engineer 2018 - present


CyberWay: Integrated Capabilities of EarthCube Building Blocks for Facilitating Cyber-based Innovative Way of Interdisciplinary Geoscience Studies

Research Assistant/Software Engineer 2017 - 2018


Cloud WPS

Research Assistant/Software Engineer 2017


GeoPackages Mobile App Data Implementation

Research Assistant/Software Engineer 2016


CyberConnector: Bridging the Earth Observations and Earth Science Modeling for Supporting Model Validation, Verification, and Inter-comparison

Research Assistant/Software Engineer 2015 - 2017