Quick Start

Install Anaconda on Mac:

brew cask install anaconda

Install Anaconda on Ubuntu:

The url of the latest Anaconda distribution can be found at: https://repo.continuum.io/archive/

wget https://repo.continuum.io/archive/Anaconda3-5.0.1-Linux-x86_64.sh
sh Anaconda3-5.0.1-Linux-x86_64.sh


Verify the installation:

conda list

Check current version of Python and conda:

conda --version
python --version
python3 --version

Determine which Python are you using:

which python

Please note that Python/Python3 comes with Anaconda package. It is not required to download/install an individual version of Python/Python3.

Set Environment Path

Please ignore this step if Anaconda is installed for one and the only user.

Add the install directory to the system environment path:

nano /[USERNAME]/.bashrc

Prepend the following content:

# added by Anaconda3 installer
export PATH="/[USERNAME]/local/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"

Reload the .bashrc:

source /[USERNAME]/.bashrc

Updating Anaconda

First update conda, then update anaconda:

conda update conda
conda unpdate anaconda

Uninstalling Anaconda

conda instal anaconda-clean
rm -rf ~/anaconda3
rm -rf /[USERNAME]/.anaconda_backup/

Remove the following content in /[USERNAME]/.bashrc:

# added by Anaconda3 installer
export PATH="/[USERNAME]/local/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"


Anaconda installation

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